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A website, a conference & a book

A journey to Data, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, e-financial services & VR clarity,

though the financial industry's lens.

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Why join the

360 MetaFinance

community ?

  • Enjoy insights from industry thought leaders

  • Network with high level decision makers

  • Be part of the conversation

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2 majors breakthroughs

Breakthrough #1: CONTENT

  • Participants are invited to interview top though leaders, wherever they are located in the world thanks to our technology (E-interview example)

  • Participants can watch the interviews anywhere, anytime, all year long  (no need to sit in a room during 6 hours)

  • Content distribution is maximized in real life + Linkedin + Newsletters + book (Example:

Breakthrough #2: NETWORKING

  • We heard you. If top content is available online let's do top-level networking and live Q&A on a regular basis. No more nonsense.

4 Networks

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360 MetaFinance allows you to navigate though 4 different networks depending on your goal.


- Financial services: How is Decentralized Finance and Blockchain impacting financial services? Are we witnessing the last years of traditional finance?

- Tech/Fintech: What are the trends concerning the use of blockchain technology? Is technology evolving too fast to be properly regulated? Focusing on data harmonization within Asset Management

- Cryptocurrencies/Blockchain: Fiat vs digital currencies: how will cryptocurrencies will impact the real economy?

- Infrastructures: Is Internet ready for metaverse? What infrastructure is needed to make the metaverse a reality?

- Regulation: How will financial authorities regulate digital money? What role has RegTech to play to reduce costs for institutions?

- Cybersecurity: Who is winning the race: hackers or IT/ Financial professionals ?

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Latest Contributions

Key metrix
from a similar project: ESGSquare

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- 200+ posts

- 500k+ views

Andy & Duke

- 48 pages about ESG Square

- 20.000 copies (Print)

- 100k+ views online


- 1000 copies (print)

- 15k+ downloads


- 40 recordings

- 120k view+

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